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Finally, one of the great leaders, authors, coaches and successful success strategists shares her success secrets that will help YOU define your life and put you back on track to living a purposeful, balanced, financially fulfilled and happy life. Cindy is not only a successful business woman, but she has a very big heart and she spends much of her time helping others. She is committed to her family, her friends, and her company, and she has an unwavering commitment to make a difference in the lives of others around the planet.

Cindy has helped build one of the most successful mortgage companies in America, RPM Mortgage, which is ranked #12 Top Mortgage Banks in the country by Mortgage Executive Magazine. She has been acknowledged as one of The Top 100 Most Influential Mortgage Executives in America by Mortgage Executive Magazine – four years in a row. She also serves on the faculty for one of the nation’s largest mortgage training companies.

In late 2014, Cindy launched The Defining Difference, a success based coaching and training company committed to training people on Choice Mastery and how the power of intentional choice can create a defining difference to move them from a life of status quo – to living life by design.

In early 2015, Cindy joined 3 other amazing hosts for the conscious-edge, thought leading talk show called Wake UP TV!  The show brings together the most provocative film makers, producers of new technologies, innovative teachers and best selling expert authors to share their message as they build a global community.

She is also a founding member of the Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL) which is a forum for individuals of significant influence in artistic, academic, social, political, corporate and humanitarian endeavors, devoted to doing transformational work in their respective fields. Cindy is also a graduate of Jack Canfield’s ‘Train the Trainer’ program where she trained with 100 leaders, coaches, speakers and personal development specialists from all around the world.  In addition, Cindy established a Network Group of local business owners called ‘Network Now!’ nearly 9 years ago, serves on an educational advisory council in her local community and is committed to the support of education.

With Cindy’s #1 priority being her 3 young adult children, and the overwhelming responsibility on her plate, Cindy was forced to implement systems and strategies to create efficiency and balance to support her work, her family, her commitment to personal development and her passion for coaching and training others.

Cindy’s soon to be released on-line training course, ‘How to Wake Up Your Life in 6 Weeks’ and her groundbreaking new book, The Defining Difference®, teaches her proven success formula that she has used to catapult her achievements throughout her life – both personally and professionally. Her on-line program and her must-read book teach business professionals and entrepreneurs who have achieved a certain level of success – and now are searching for something more – how to make intentional choices that inspire a shift in commitment, motivations and success habits to drastically shift results. They will also contain immediately actionable tools, tips, techniques and best-practices to elevate intention, communication skills and personal influence to impact results and support them in living their passion and their purpose.

The Defining Difference

My Vision for The Defining Difference® is to empower people around the globe to lean in to their power, redefine their story and expand their vision for what is possible in their lives. I change peoples’ lives by holding an expanded vision for them until they can see and embody it for themselves. My passion and purpose are teaching people how to Bridge their GAP (Goals Aligned with Purpose) and master the power of intentional choice to shake up their lives and transform their current reality to design a life of greater purpose, meaning and prosperity.

My Mission is to cultivate a heart-centered community of leaders who demonstrate and foster trust, connection, growth and joy.  I help people to define their purpose, create a life connected to their passion and empower them to make intentional choices that empower them to live the life by design…rather than default. I help people move through their fear and take DELIBERATE RISK for the sake of GROWTH.

Through The Defining Difference® success approach, I strive to help people strengthen their identity, enhance their communication and leadership skills, and tap into their intuitive self, which in turn fosters self-confidence, stronger relationships and personal growth to reach the highest levels of success in every area of their lives.

These Defining Values serve as powerful anchors in my daily life, and my team and I strive to help people embrace them. These values provide us with a road map to guide our planning and stay true to our vision for the future – for ourselves, and the individuals we serve.

  • Make Outcome Driven Choices to Create the Life You Desire
  • Show up & Play Life Full Out
  • Build Connected and Sustainable Relationships
  • Trust Your Intuition
  • Live Your Purpose
  • Be The Difference You Want to See in the World
  • Make an IMPACT in the World by Sharing Your Gifts
  • Share Kindness