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Go “From Chaos to Clarity” with My Online Program

Since I launched The Defining Difference in early 2014, I’ve been thrilled to connect with people from all over the world who are seeking ways to move out of overwhelm and connect with their greatest purpose, passion and prosperity.  People are rejecting the myth that overwhelm has to be the price we must pay for […]

Cindy’s Defining Difference

Cindy’s Defining Difference I believe that every person has the ability to rewrite their story and create their life by design. Change is hard and most of us resist it. However, when we make the choice to consciously shake up our life and take deliberate risk for the sake of growth, amazing things can happen. […]

Creating Clarity

Creating Clarity Sometimes it is extremely important to rise above the clouds so we can see the horizon and get more clarity on the direction we want to go. We need to get clear on our vision and it can be very hard to do when we are in the fog of our over committed […]

Finding Balance in an Unbalanced Life

Finding Balance in an Unbalanced Life Finding ways to create balance in our life is critical to our success. Much of the time we feel our success is created by working an extra 10 hours a week or not taking a vacation. In reality, the greatest success is when we learn to say NO and […]

Building Trusted Relationships

Building Trusted Relationships The problem with the world today is that technology is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to building relationships.  Though it increases efficiency 10 fold, it actually can become a crutch and a block from taking the time to build deep, trusted, and connected relationships with our clients, coworkers, […]

The Hallway of Uncertainty

The Hallway of Uncertainty There comes a time when the voice inside your head just gets too loud to ignore. I believe it is the voice of our purpose and passion and our intuition telling us to follow our heart and to ‘be the change’ we want to see in the world. In my case, […]